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First Aid

The history of first aid in Ireland can be traced back to the formation of Civil Defence in the country. Civil Defence was established in 1939, prior to the outbreak of World War II, with the aim of providing protection for the civilian population in the event of an emergency.

One of the key responsibilities of Civil Defence was providing first aid to those injured during bombings or other emergencies. To meet this need, the organization established a network of first aid teams and trained thousands of volunteers in first aid and emergency response techniques.

During the war years, Civil Defence teams provided first aid to wounded civilians and soldiers, and helped to evacuate people from areas affected by bombing. They also worked closely with other emergency services, such as the fire service and the police, to ensure that first aid was provided as quickly and efficiently as possible.

After the war, Civil Defence continued to play a key role in first aid and emergency response, and has been involved in many large-scale emergencies and natural disasters in Ireland. The organization has also continued to train thousands of volunteers in first aid, and many of the skills and techniques developed by Civil Defence are still used by first responders and emergency medical services today.

However the Civil Defence as we know it now exist as part of the Irish Defense Forces and providing emergency services and humanitarian aid after a national disaster, it is also providing support to other emergency services as well as training and educating the general public about preparedness for emergency situations.

Overall, the first aid history of Ireland is closely tied to the history of Civil Defence, which has played a vital role in providing first aid and emergency response services to the people of Ireland for more than 80 years.