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Instructions on how to create a Galway Civil Defence online account.
This is for access for volunteers to our online education platform.
Officers will also have access to a Fleet, Assets & Stock system if required.

To start please go to

Always click Galway Civil Defence

To sign in or register please click Galway Civil Defence.

Sign in with your details or click Sign up

If you have an account please sign in here, if not then click Sign up.

Fill in all details
  • Email = Your primary personal email that is on the records with Civil Defence or the account you wish to be contacted on.
  • Password = 8 charachters with One Lower case letter, One Upper case letter, One Number (0-9) and One Symbol (e.g. [email protected]#$&) minimum.
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Mobile Phone = Your personal mobile phone number that is on the records with Civil Defence and you wish to be contacted on in the discharge of your duties as a volunteer.
  • Unit Name = The name of your unit inside Galway Civil Defence.
  • Clinical Level = The highest valid clinical level you hold according to PHECC. (CFR, FAR, EFR, EMT, Para, AdvPara etc)
  • PHECC Pin = If you are a registered practitioner please enter your PHECC Pin here.
Click the link

Please click the link in your email